Countdown Timer for use in Liferay 7.*

24 February 2021

Countdown timer for use in Liferay 7.*. Requires Bootstrap 3 and JQuery which are part of this version of Liferay.

Home Made Javascript MVC Explained Part 2

23 September 2020

In part two of this series we will look into retrieving JSON data. In part one, we hard coded our JSON data into our Javascript. Normally we would retrieve our JSON data from a web service. Pulling the data from a service has security concerns. Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), JSON Hijacking and Javascript Hijacking are three of the security concerns. A static JSON file has been published to this site which will mimic providing data from a web service.

Fedora 32 Tiger VNC Stopped Working After Update

21 September 2020

Fedora has been our operating system of choice. We have been maintaining an reusing systems over many years. This recently led to an issue with Tiger VNC. Tiger VNC would no longer start on workstation boot. This occurred after a DNF update. After investigation two issues were found. The first is that there wasn’t a user defined in a Tiger VNC configuration file. Note that Tiger VNC was working fine without this prior to the update. The second issue was caused by a conflict with SELinux and the systemd start script.


Fedora 33 upgrade defaults Java to JDK 11

02 March 2021

Our team recently upgraded to Fedora 33. After the upgrade some team members started experiencing odd errors compiling our project using Maven. Turns out that Fedora 33 defaults to JDK 11. JDK 11 had some libraries removed that are included in JDK 8. Even uninstalling JDK 11 didn’t resolve the issue. We performed the following.

Fedora 32 Firefox Prompts for a Login and Password on Start

21 September 2020

Our team has been annoyed by Firefox requesting a login and password when it is started. Turned out the issue was with a smart card service. To resolve we simply need to uninstall the service.

XFCE Terminal Liferay Development Setup Command

27 May 2020

I use something like the below to easily setup XFCE Terminals to a standard usage for Liferay Development.

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