Documentum: Turn Off Full Text Indexing Queue Items

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How do I disable the creation of dmi_queue_items that relate to full text indexing? If you do not intend to use full text indexing in 5.3 or above, you will need to disable the creation of the queue items that are created automatically. If you do not do this, your dmi_queue_item can grow quite large and this can cause performance issues.


To resolve this, you need to remove the registered events related to full text indexing from the docbase. Run the following DQL to find the events:


DQL> select * from dmi_registry where user_name = `dm_fulltext_index_user'

r_object_id user_name registered_id event
================ ========================== ============ =====

2600007b80000500 dm_fulltext_index_user 0300007b80000105 dm_save
2600007b80000501 dm_fulltext_index_user 0300007b80000105 dm_destroy
2600007b80000502 dm_fulltext_index_user 0300007b80000105 dm_readonlysave
2600007b80000503 dm_fulltext_index_user 0300007b80000105 dm_checkin
2600007b80000900 dm_fulltext_index_user 0300007b80000105 dm_move_content

Then you can use the unregister API to remove these events. The syntax is



Using one of the results above, the API would look like this:



Repeat this for the remaining events.

NOTE: You will need to manually delete the existing dmi_queue_items that have already been created.

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