Documentum: SQL to Remove Site Caching Services Objects from Repository

Created: 16 December 2009  Modified:

Restart repository after running the following SQL in the database.

> delete from dm_type_s where name like '%webc%';
> delete from dm_dd_root_types where type_name like '%webc%';
> delete from dmi_type_info_s where r_type_name like '%webc%';
> drop view WEBC_LOCK_SV;
> drop view WEBC_LOCK_SP;
> drop table WEBC_LOCK_S;
> drop table WEBC_LOCK_r;
> drop view dm_WEBC_config_SV;
> drop view dm_WEBC_config_SP;
> drop table dm_WEBC_config_S;
> drop table dm_WEBC_config_r;
> drop view dm_WEBC_target_SV;
> drop view dm_WEBC_target_SP;
> drop table dm_WEBC_target_S;
> drop table dm_WEBC_target_r;
> update dm_type_s set views_valid=0;
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