Documentum: Setting Up Single Sign On for Web Publisher

Created: 5 January 2010  Modified:

WCM Documentum 6.5 SP2 SSO Setup

Content Server The plugin written by Tony Rosete relies on the file located $DM_HOME/install/external_apps/authplugins/sso/config and the Access Manager libraries located $DM_HOME/install/external_apps/authplugins/sso/lib.

  1. Copy /apps/documentum/dba/auth/ from older server to new server same location.
  2. Copy $DM_HOME/install/external_apps/authplugins/sso recursively to the same folder on the new server.
  3. Restart the content server so the changes will take effect.

Client Application Server

  1. The ssoconfig folder containing the ssoconfig.xml needs to be placed in WEB-INF/classes folder.
  2. The,,,,, and ums.xml needs to be placed in WEB-INF/classes.
  3. In package com.documentum.web.formext session Develop and These extend and wrap AuthenticationService and SessionManagerHttpBinding.
  4. Modify/create web/custom/app.xml for entry usaac_ssoiPlanetDirectoryPro
  5. In package com.codeexcursion.wp.login Create UsaacSSOAuthenticationScheme implementing IAuthenticationScheme and UsaacSSOAuthenticationService extending AuthenticationService. Create WCMLogin extending com.documentum.wp.session.Login.
  6. In web/custom create login.jsp which is a modification of standard Web Publisher login page.
  7. Create web/custom/config/login/login_component.xml which extends the original to point to the new login.jsp page.
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