XFCE Terminal Liferay Development Setup Command

Created: 27 May 2020  Modified:

I use something like the below to easily setup XFCE Terminals to a standard usage for Liferay Development.

You can place the following command in a script file to easily start XFCE Terminal with a customized setup.

Start XFCE Terminal With Multiple Customized Tabs.

$ xfce4-terminal --title: Code --working-directory=<build/code/directory> \
--tab --title: Package --working-directory=<git/project/base/dir> \
--tab --title: Server --working-directory=<directory/to/start/stand/alone/liferay> \
--tab --title: Src --working-directory=<liferay/src/code> \
--tab --title: Fortify --working-directory=<directory/with/fortify/scan/script> \
--tab --title: Misc --working-directory=~
tags: linux - xfce - terminal - liferay - development
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