Setting up TortoiseCVS SSH with Putty

Created: 28 May 2010  Modified:

Do this so you don’t keep having to type in a password.

  1. Install TortoiseCVS
  2. Download Putty, Plink and Pageant and install into TortoiseCVS Directory.
  3. Create Shortcuts to Putty and Plink on the desktop.
  4. Create Putty session for the website.
  5. Enter address under Session -> Host Name
  6. Enter login name under Connection -> Data -> Auto-login name
  7. Browse and select Private ssh key (*.ppk) Connection -> SSH -> Auth -> Private Key for Authentication.
  8. Click the Session -> Save button.
tags: CVS - Pageant - Plink - Putty - TortoiseCVS
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