Liferay: Migrating from Sybase to Oracle Using Data Migration

09 May 2018

I have been working with Liferay EE 6.2 clustered deployment which uses Sybase 15.5 database. Recently my team was directed to move from Sybase to Oracle 12C. Interestingly we migrated from Oracle 11 to Sybase 4 years ago. During that migration we used the Data Migration page built into Liferay. We had great success using the built in functionality. This page can be found: Control Panel -> Configuration -> Server Administration - > Data Migration.

Writing a Liferay Deployment Script Part 6

14 January 2017

In part 5 of this article we showed a way to stop a Liferay server using Apache Ant. Today we will look into starting a server. A person might say that you just run the start script and you are done. More is needed to verify that the server starts correctly. Furthermore if we need to perform actions after a successful startup we need to delay until the startup is complete. All the tasks we need to accomplish this have already been discussed. So we will start with the whole script and touch on the various areas

Writing a Liferay Deployment Script Part 5

01 October 2016

In part 4 of this article we explored a method for transfering a password from one file to another. Now we are going to use Apache Ant to stop a Liferay server. What are the steps needed to accomplish this goal? First we need to determine if the Liferay server is running. No need to stop it if it isn’t running. Next we need to run the shutdown command. The shutdown command works most of the time. The build file will need to account for those times when it doesn’t. Because I will be using this on a Linux server we will start with the pgrep command.

Grep file return unique values

07 May 2018

Grep file return unique values

Fedora 27: Weak SSH Algorithms Supported

27 April 2016

Recently my workstation was scanned for vulnerabilities and the Nessus scanning software reported a medium vulnerability of “SSH Weak Algorithms Supported”. The Vulnerability report had few details. Luckily I was able to find the folowing resources.

Subversion: Useful Command Line Goodness

21 April 2016

Recently there has been the need for me to revert changes in Subversion and to remove all unversioned files. This requires a few different Linux commands along with some Subversion commands.

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