Code Signing: Understanding and Performing Certification Signing Request

25 January 2019


The goal is to get a Code Signing certificate to sign legacy Java Applets. Current signatures are based on expired code signing certificate. Code Signing works by signing your code with a private key which can then be verified using a public key. Private keys are secret and public keys are not.

Getting Tiger VNC to Work on Fedora 28.

21 August 2018

With Fedora 28 and probably Fedora 27 there have been some changes to the recommended TigerVNC configuration. If you have an earlier version go to Getting Tiger VNC to Work on Linux. These changes occurred because the previous configuration started having problems around Fedora 26. It was running afoul of SELinux and issues with runserver. This resulted in Tiger VNC throwing odd, and unhelpful, exit errors when starting using systemd.

Liferay: Migrating from Sybase to Oracle Using Data Migration

09 May 2018

I have been working with Liferay EE 6.2 clustered deployment which uses Sybase 15.5 database. Recently my team was directed to move from Sybase to Oracle 12C. Interestingly we migrated from Oracle 11 to Sybase 4 years ago. During that migration we used the Data Migration page built into Liferay. We had great success using the built in functionality. This page can be found: Control Panel -> Configuration -> Server Administration - > Data Migration.


Maven: Useful Command Line Goodness

07 February 2019

I always forget useful maven commands because they are not often needed.

Grep file return unique values

07 May 2018

Grep file return unique values

Fedora 27: Weak SSH Algorithms Supported

27 April 2016

Recently my workstation was scanned for vulnerabilities and the Nessus scanning software reported a medium vulnerability of “SSH Weak Algorithms Supported”. The Vulnerability report had few details. Luckily I was able to find the folowing resources.

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