Liferay, From 6.2 to 7.1: The Model is the key to Services, Security and Search.

02 August 2019

I have been struggling with bringing legacy Liferay 6.x code into Liferay 7.1. The biggest reason is the legacy models/entities have not matched the expectations of the 7.1 framework. If your model meets these expectations,they have a path for you that is smooth and will take you where you need to go. You can still get there if your model is missing the expected, eventually. It isn’t currently a documented path. For me it has been a rough trip. This and other articles to follow will hopefully ease your journey.

Liferay: Converting 6.2 Portlets to 7.1 Part 2. The Service

07 June 2019

Now we focus on converting the service layer. This targets legacy code that doesn’t meet the requirements as discussed in Liferay From 6.2 to 7.1: The Model is the key to Services, Security and Search. Before we get started, lets discuss the two different types of services. There are local services and remote services. Local services are designed to have access to the database, provide little security and are only used in the Java code. These types of interfaces and classes are easily recognizable as they are named and Remote services are designed to access local services, have security in place and can be accessed two ways. It can be accessed via Java code and Web Services. These classes are named and We will focus on local services. Remote services will bed addressed, in a following article.

Converting Liferay 6.2 local services can be broken down into the following steps.

Liferay: Converting 6.2 Portlets to 7.1 Part 1. The Overview.

04 June 2019

Converting portlets from 6.2 to 7.1 requires us to know where code and configurations belong in both versions. They are more similar than they are dissimilar. Knowing the differences and how to upgrade 6.2 portlets is key. I say we are “upgrading” rather than “converting” because that is how Liferay views it. You will be required to create upgrade code to modify 6.2 configuration data to 7.1 configuration data. We will be converting a portlet with a service layer.


Helpful Linux Commands for testing Multicasting

30 May 2019

Finding useful commands for troubleshooting multicasting was difficult because most were not installed on the servers.

Zookeeper: Useful Command Line

18 April 2019

Zookeeper command line commands

Making SQL Commands from SQL Commands

08 April 2019

Over the years, I have needed to generate SQL commands for every table or for every column.
Below are two examples, one for Sybase and one for MariaDB

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